Enviro Spray

Enviro Spray

A natural fly spray with Geranium, Eucalyptus and Lavender, that deters bothersome flies, ticks and mosquitoes when applied to the horse’s coat.

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  • It is good sanitary practice to wear rubber or plastic gloves during application.
  • Shake before application.
  • This product may be applied with the trigger spray or as a wipe on with a sponge/soft cloth. Brush horse’s coat to remove excess dirt and dust. Shake container well and apply spray to horse’s coat with special attention to legs, shoulders, shanks and neck. Do not spray mist around eyes. Dampen a cloth and wipe avoiding eyes. Repeat when necessary.
  • Horses can be ridden or worked immediately following application.
  • Aktiv Equine Enviro-Fly Spray should be reapplied every 4 hours for highest efficacy.
  • Wash hands after application.

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2L Refill, 5L Refill, 750ml Spray Bottle


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