On 3 May 2017, Highveld Horse Care Unit confiscated a severely underweight colt found working in cart. He was in poor shape – emaciated, covered in sores and lame.

He received medical treatment as soon a he reached the Unit in Meyerton. Closer inspection revealed he had a hoof abscess, was very young to be working, and depressed. The focus was treating wounds, drawing out the abscess and providing balanced nutrition to encourage weight gain. Overall, loads of “TLC” to get this young horse’s spirit back. Once he was in some condition to walk, he’d be taken out for short grazing sessions to try bring him back to normality. Joanne from HHCU reported after a few days at the facility, “Really can’t believe how much better this horse is doing. When he first came into the Unit, he was weak, injured, and so sore that he could not walk even a few steps. He was depressed. Yesterday, he was like a different horse – ears pricked, grazing, moving around comfortably.”

The “grey” touched hearts of many South Africans who followed his story closely, including us! He received a signature red Thermomaster Stable Rug from Mark White Nissan, and once we knew he was out of the danger zone with reintroducing balanced nutrition, it was essential to get a few months’ supply of Aktiv Equine Feed Booster to “grey” to aid his weight gain. We knew it was a long road ahead for “grey”, but Feed Booster would add protein and calories to his diet, surely showing improving in 4-6 weeks. What do you think of below?!

Joanne checked in with us again after 3 months of “grey” having Aktiv Equine Feed Booster added to his diet and he looks to be a completely different horse. Healthy, happy and a belly to show it!

Follow for more updates on “grey” who is sure to find a lovely new home when he is fully recovered, has had basic ground work and of age.

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