1. Aktiv Equine Biotin & Gelatine: For horse’s with brittle/weak hooves. This is a long-term feed additive. Biotin is an essential B-Vitamin that is added to the horse’s diet to encourage hoof growth and strength.
  2. Aktiv Equine Hoof Oil Gel: Used in high moisture (rain, mud etc.) seasons to have a waterproofing effect on the hoof. The presence of Liquid Paraffin gives the Hoof Oil Gel antiseptic properties too, thus can assist in treatment of bacterial infections in the hoof. Applied 3 times a week in wet seasons.
  3. Aktiv Equine Hoof Dressing with Heating Effect: Part of the hoof care routine. Encourages growth by heating up the coronary band, thus promoting blood flow to the hoof, and moisturises the hoof. Applied 3 times a week.
  4. Aktiv Equine Hoof and Sole Hardener: Applied to a bruised sole and to treat Thrush. Apply twice a day for 4 days, for treatment of a bruised sole.
  5. Aktiv Equine Stockholm Tar: Applied by farrier to treat Thrush and other bacterial infections in the hoof.

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