Black Powder – Granulation Tissue Treatment

Black Powder – Granulation Tissue Treatment

Black Powder, also known as Proud Flesh Powder, aids in the treatment of granulation tissue (proud flesh) on wounds. It reduces proud flesh by retarding excessive granulation tissue. Black Powder should not be used on deep or puncture wounds.

What is Proud Flesh?
Proud flesh, caused by production of excessive granulation tissue, is protruding flesh that rises above the skin level and prevents new skin growth (which grows from all sides surrounding the wound). It occurs mostly on leg wounds, as wounds heal at 0.9mm a day, versus body wounds, which heal at 0.2mm per day. If left unattended or if handled incorrectly, the horse will be left with permanent exterior damage.

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  • Thoroughly cleanse the affected area.
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry.
  • Dust a generous amount of Aktiv Equine Black Powder onto the wound, often enough to keep it dry.
  • Can be applied under a bandage (preferably cotton to allow ventilation).
  • To reapply: Remove scabs, reapply Black Powder, and reapply dressing.
  • Not suitable for use on deep or puncture wounds.
  • Discontinue use if irritation develops, and consult your veterinarian.

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Product Information


2.5kg, 500g, 5kg bucket


(PER 100G)
Activated Carbon                        86g
Copper Sulphate                         14g


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