Hoof Care

  • All the benefits of Stockholm Tar, but with less mess! Stockholm Tar is traditionally used to treat bacterial infections in the hoof, including Thrush.
  • Aktiv Equine Stockholm Tar is traditionally used to treat bacterial infections in the hoof, such a Thrush.  It is also used to harden sensitive hooves.

  • Sole-Stuff is an easy-use Stockholm Tar and Methylated Spirits solution used to treat and manage hoof soles and frogs. Most horses require additional support through the wet season to manage hoof health and structure, whilst others may have mild to critical issues that require treatment throughout the year. Sole-Stuff is applied to the sole and frog to manage moisture, harden the area and combat bacterial infections such as Thrush.   Brush included.
  • Aktiv Equine Hoof Oil Gel is an essential part of the horse’s hoof care routine. The Hoof Oil Gel ensures healthy hooves by giving all round protection, promoting elasticity of the hoof horn and strengthening even soft hooves.

    The gel acts as a waterproof barrier and has antiseptic properties, making it ideal to help protect and maintain the integrity of the horse's hooves in wet conditions. In dry months the Hoof Oil Gel acts as a moisturiser, offering protection against brittleness and hoof breakage.

    Available in 1L.
  • Aktiv Equine Hoof Oil is an essential part of the horse's hoof routine. In the wetter months, Hoof Oil waterproofs and protects the hoof. In dry months, Hoof Oil moistens and protects the hoof.

  • Aktiv Equine Hoof Dressing with Heating Effect, encourages hoof growth by heating up the coronary band/coronet band which improves blood circulation to the hoof. Heat created comes from the Ginger oil and circular motions used when massaging the coronary band. Penetrates the hoof wall leaving it moisturised and protected.

    Contains Ginger and Tea Tree Oil.

  • Aktiv Equine Hoof Balsam is perfect for daily maintenance of your horse's hooves. The rich formulation aids in maintenance of correct moisture balance in the hoof walls in both wet and dry seasons, and has a good 'grease' factor.

  • Aktiv Equine Hoof and Sole Hardener, is sprayed onto the horse's hoof to prevent bruising, and to harden soft and sensitive soles.  It is also ideal as a thrush treatment. When sprayed, a foam develops on the hoof, preventing the handler from inhaling the formula and also minimises the chances of the formula making contact with the skin.

  • Aktiv Equine Elite Hoof Builder Plus MSM is a rich source of Biotin, amino acids and MSM that aids hoof growth and strength. With the inclusion of MSM in Elite Hoof Builder, other benefits include overall health improvement, anti-inflammatory properties, and improvement in overall health of connective tissues. Biotin, a water soluble B-Vitamin and a necessity in any hoof supplement, promotes and maintains hoof health and hoof strength.

  • Aktiv Equine Biotin and Gelatine is a water soluble B-Vitamin fed in the horse's feed, to deter brittle hooves. Biotin promotes and maintains hoof health and hoof strength. Gelatine adds nutritional support for cartilage regeneration, and improves connective tissues, hooves, hair, tendons and ligaments. Biotin and Gelatine is added to the horse’s diet as long term support, as the horse’s toe takes 12 months to grow out completely, and the heel takes 6 months to grow out completely.


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