Date: September 2019

The earlier part of 2019 proved to be an extreme AHS season across the country, both in outlying areas in main centres. Sadly, the South African Lipizzaners not excluded from the season’s fatalities. Our blood is (Aktiv) green with belief that although a complete management programme is required to lower the risk on contracting a vector born viral disease, ¬†FlyTek Ultra Repellent with DEET is a key element in that management programme. We reached out to the SA Lipizzaner team who very gratefully accepted a 12-month supply of 5L Aktiv Equine FlyTek Ultra Repellent with DEET.


DEET (Diethyltoluamide) is a key raw material in both human and equine insect repellents, having proven itself to repel flies, mosquitoes and midges (Culicoides) that may be infected with vector born viral diseases such as African Horse Sickness and West Nile Virus.

Our product, FlyTek Ultra Repellent, comprises of 15% DEET and other highly effective natural oils that repel insects.

The South African Lipizzaners

The South African Lipizzaners are an NPO dedicated to the preservation of the magnificent Lipizzaner horse in South Africa. Whilst most efforts focus on the welfare of the horse, it’s a breath of fresh air to find a cultural cause that has the horse at its centre!

“Our training follows the strict principles and traditions of classical dressage and the haute √®cole. Classical training is a historical, systematic approach passed down through generations of equestrian masters, with the goal of achieving absolute harmony with the horse.” The training centre in Kyalami hosts public performances every Sunday which showcase the harmonious connection between a horse and their rider, through carefully choreographed routines set to music.